Mikhail Golubev, Understanding the King's Indian (Remissionsexemplar)

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Mikhail Golubev, Understanding the King's Indian (Remissionsexemplar)
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Despite its sharp and aggressive nature, the King's Indian is an opening that lends itself well to discussion in terms of plans, ideas and pawn-structures. Those who are familiar with these underlying themes will enjoy an enormous practical advantage when facing those who lack this understanding, even if they are theoretically well-prepared. Golubev is ideally qualified to provide a realistic and informative guide to the King's Indian: he has played it for the whole of his chess career, scoring many devastating victories. He draws upon this extensive experience to choose the most instructive games and positions, and to provide a wealth of insightful tips.



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Mikhail Golubev is a grandmaster from Odessa, Ukraine, who plays regularly in tournaments in eastern and central Europe. He is a noted expert in several sharp and aggressive opening systems, including the King's Indian and the Dragon. His previous book, The Sicilian Sozin, has been praised for the quantity and quality of its original analysis, and for Golubev's objectivity in identifying the critical lines. 

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Bibliographische Angaben

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