Jacob Aagaard, Thinking Inside the Box - Hardcover Edition

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Jacob Aagaard, Thinking Inside the Box - Hardcover Edition
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Grandmaster Preparation

In Thinking Inside the Box Jacob Aagaard describes his chess improvement philosophy, developed over more than twenty years of thinking about one question:

How do we make better decisions at the chess board? As the final volume in the award-winning Grandmaster Preparation series, this book unifies the concepts of the previous five books and delves into such topics as:

• Chess psychology

• The four types of decisions we take at the board

• How to play simple positions

• What is calculation?

• How to analyse your games

• And many more Thinking Inside the Box is the ultimate self-improvement guide, written for amateurs as well as world-class players.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard won the British Championship at his first and only attempt. He is the only author to have won the Boleslavsky Medal as well as the ACP, Guardian, ECF and ChessCafe Book of the Year awards. He trains grandmasters from four continents and has helped players win school tournaments, national titles, as well as international opens, the US Championship, the World Cup, the Candidates and two Olympiad gold medals.

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The Grandmaster Preparation series is aimed at ambitious players.

The international quattro A Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard describes what it takes to achieve the grandmaster title in chess. 

Yes, it´s true:  You don´t  need a quattro A or a triple A to become an 1A Grandmaster.  But its really helpful to read this important bestselling chess book, geschrieben von einem "1A Großmeister". 

Jacob  is on a  good way, echt auf einem guten Weg, unter den schreibenden Großmeistern and among chess publishers of corse too, der Produktivste des 21. Jahrhunderts zu werden.  Hey Jacob, what about, der erste Schachautor zu werden, writing a denglish chess book ? German Germanists are not amused ... ? Was sagt die Queen dazu ?


"With his latest work, "Thinking Inside The Box", Jacob Aagaard closes the Grandmaster Preparation series and links the predecessors in a very entertaining way, while also introducing new facets. It reminded me of the Scottish tradition of entertaining authors, such as Paul Motwani and Jonathan Rowson, who knew how to entertain in a very personal way, but also gave a lot of chess knowledge. The level is not too high and every chess friend can take something from the book... For me this is a very strong book." IM Dirk Schuh

"Thinking Inside the Box is an immensely rich book... Very few chess books have stuck with me the way that Thinking Inside the Box has. I think it is Aagaard's finest work, filled with useful insights, and I find myself reflecting on it frequently as I play and study." John Hartmann, Chess Life

"The Grandmaster Preparation series previously included five parts on Calculation, Positional Play, Strategic Play, Attack and Defense and Endgame Play. The apotheosis is now published: Thinking Inside the Box. Anyone who takes the trouble to read more than 400 pages, from whatever level, will encounter topics that he or she may never have thought about." Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

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Bibliographische Angaben

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Autor/en Jacob Aagaard
Herausgegeben 2017
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