Ivan Sokolov, The ruy Lopez Revisited

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Ivan Sokolov, The ruy Lopez Revisited

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The Ruy Lopez (or Spanish Opening) is one of the most important and oldest chess openings, forever popular with amateurs as well as professional players. 

In this ground-breaking book, one of today’s greatest Ruy Lopez experts, Ivan Sokolov, presents a practical opening guide with a wide repertoire for black players who want to play for a win.

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The Ruy Lopez Revisited contains in-depth but highly accessible analysis of the Jaenisch Gambit, the Delayed Jaenisch, the Cozio Variation, the Smyslov Variation, the Bird Variation and the Classical Variation.

Nicholas P.Sterling, Chess Horizons: "An essential resource for Ruy Lopez players."

Paul Motwani, The Scotsman: "Superb" Arne Moll,

ChessVibes: "This is simply a great opening book, probably one of the best ever on the Spanish Opening."

British Chess Magazine: "A well-written, well-structured book with a lot of interesting ideas to explore. Sokolov introduces each chapter with plenty of textual material and also summarises at the end." Pete Tamburro,

Chess Life Magazine: "With the line that Smyslov made famous, he devotes a decidedly simple and correct ten pages, and -voilà!- you have an understandable defense against the Ruy Lopez."

Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

Zustand Neu
Produktart Schachbuch
Seitenzahl 271 Seiten, kartoniert
EAN 9789056912970
ISBN 978-90-5691-297-0
Maße (Länge x Breite) 23,5 x 17 cm
Gewicht in g 563
Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Ivan Sokolov
Herausgegeben 2009
Verlag New in Chess
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