The Pirc Defence by Mihail Marin (Hardcover Edition)

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The Pirc Defence by Mihail Marin (Hardcover Edition)
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Das große Pirc-Thema in der neuen Publikation von Mihail Marin 

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The Pirc is more of a counterattack than a defence: Black allows his opponent to occupy the centre and provokes a confrontation, trusting in the power of the g7-bishop and the dynamic potential in his position. It is the perfect weapon for players who seek a complex strategic fight with the black pieces.

Mihail Marin has been playing the Pirc for more than twenty years, with excellent results. In The Pirc Defence he not only presents his best analysis against all of White’s major options, but also shares the strategic insights he has gained through his extensive experience in this opening.

Lieferzeit: 2-3 Tage nach Erscheinen. Expected Publication 1 November 2017



Mihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania.

His previous books for Quality Chess have established him as one of the world’s finest chess authors.

Praise for the author’s previous work:

“ Beautifully written and inspirational ” – GM Luke McShane

“A typically lucid and thorough exposition from perhaps the most insightful and reliable chess author writing today. ” – GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess

Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

Produktart chess book hardcover
Seitenzahl 408 pages, hardcover
EAN 9781784830410
ISBN 978-1-78483-041-0
Maße (Länge x Breite) Nein
Gewicht in g 700
Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Mihail Marin
Herausgegeben 2017
Verlag Quality Chess
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage nach Erscheinen. Expected Publication 1 November 2017


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