Steffen Pedersen, The Botvinnik Semi-Slav

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Steffen Pedersen, The Botvinnik Semi-Slav
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The Semi-Slav has been one of the most topical openings of the last decade, and its most critical variation is the Botvinnik System (5 Bg5 dxc4). Most of today's top grandmasters, including Kasparov, Kramnik and Shirov, have relied on it as Black, White, or both, especially in make-or-break situations. Written by IM Steffen Pedersen who achieved a GM norm at 16 and has written several highly-regarded books. 

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Über dieses Buch:

"Verdict: an excellent specialist opening book for the strong OTB or postal player." - Phil Adams, 3Cs

"For all who play this opening with either colour, this work is essential, as it brings coverage up to date and includes many important analyses" - Hull Chess Club Magazine

"...allows the reader to become part of the discussion... excellent" - Michael Black, IECG Newsletter

"Essential reading for anyone who plays this fascinating opening" - John Pugh, Chess Post

"This system... is certainly not for the faint-hearted. What I particularly like about the Gambit books are the introductory chapters, which in a few pages explain the typical strategic and tactical ideas" - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"Every suggestion or recommendation has been put under the microscope, been dissected and weighed... I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all you dare-devils out there" - Carsten Hansen, Chess Cafe

Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

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Seitenzahl 224 pages
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ISBN 978-1-901983-26-5
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Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Steffen Pedersen
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