Naroditsky´s Mastering Bundle: Complex Endgames & Positional Chess

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Naroditsky´s Mastering Bundle: Complex Endgames & Positional Chess

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Two Naroditsky chess books one price:

Mastering Positional Chess

Mastering Complex Endgames

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The young Daniel Naroditsky (1995) became the World Under-12 Chess Champion in 2007.  With 'Mastering Positional Chess' (2010), he was the youngest published chess author in history.  At 15, he became an International Master and participated in the US Chess Championship. He earned his first grandmaster norm in July 2011.

Reviews - über das Buch Mastering Complex Endgames:

Karsten Müller, author of 'Fundamental Chess Endings': "An excellent book (..) Daniel Naroditsky is really a mature author for his young age!"

Martin Rieger, Rochade Europa Magazine: "It is amazing that Naroditsky writes with the routine of an old and experienced grandmaster. I cannot remember when I last saw so much text in an endgame book. The examples are well-chosen (..) The book does what it promises and that is quite a lot."

Harald Keilhack, Magazine Schach: "It is about practical endgame play, not about mainly theoretical endgames (..) Naroditsky  comments are verbally and analytically perfect, with tips on tournament tactic and thinking techniques. In these areas the book is almost unique."

Reviews - über das Buch Mastering Positional Chess:

Pete Tamburro, Chess Life: "It's a very good book -- exceptionally instructive, full of practical advice that every chess player needs to pay attention to in order to get better."

IM John Donaldson: "In some ways, a book from earlier times in that it offers the reader a significant amount of explanatory prose. Yes, analysis is given, but only what is needed, not more. The author repeatedly reinforces the points he wishes to make not only through the illustrative games he offers, but also in the summaries and the exercises."

Arne Moll, ChessVibes: "It may well be one of the best books ever written on positional chess (..) Extremely well written, carefully selected examples showing the whole range of positional aspects of a particular theme." E.Carl, Europa Rochade Magazine: "Not only does he analyse deeply, but he also finds the right mix between verbal explanations and variations. Also helpful are the various tips and rules Daniel offers the reader for memorization."

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Bibliographische Angaben

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