Harald Fietz, Josip Asik, Anna Burtasova, Olympiad United! Dresden 2008

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Harald Fietz, Josip Asik, Anna Burtasova, Olympiad United! Dresden 2008

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One of the finest books on the Chess Olympiad    |    Eines der schönsten Bücher über die Schacholympiade    |    jedną z najlepszych książek na Olimpiadzie Szachowej uno de los mejores libros sobre la Olimpiada de Ajedrez    |    l'un des meilleurs livres sur le Olympiade d'échecs    |    один из самых прекрасных книг по шахматной олимпиаде

The Chess Olympiad held in Dresden 2008 was a spectacular gathering of the worlds's chess nations with a line-up of 1270 registered players representing 146 teams in the 'open' tournament and 111 teams in the woment's event.

Fighting for the honour of their respective countires as wll as for their own personal reputations, competitors from all over the globe where more determined than over to play the best chess of their lives.

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This book not only presents the most interesting games and other chess highlights of the 38 th Chess Olympiad but also includes interviews and behindthe-scenes chat from players, coaches and observers alike.

Among the contributors to this souvenir volume are those who had themselves been playing for gold medals on the stage in front of large crowds of spectators and others who cold be proud of ther individual achievements or whose teams performed above expectations. these players not only comment on the action at the board but also reveal their private pre-match preparation and post-mortem analysis. In Dresden, there were winners and losers, joy and heartbreak - and no shortage of excitement and drama.

But every participant from every country, large or small, as well as presidents, officials, organisers, arbiters, captains, volunteers, journalists, photographers and sponsors could not help but experience that same feeling of Olympiad United! So here, for your entertainment and instruction, over 60 chess experts from 31countries tell the Dresden story as it has never been told before, and further illustrate the Olympic zeal in the form of over 100 annotated games and over 300 atmospheric classic black and white photographs.

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Bibliographische Angaben

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Produktart Schachbuch im Großformat, Hardcover || Status 23.06.2013 olympia united dresden 1.10 || Harald Fietz, Josip Asik, Anna Burtasova, Olympiad United! Dresden 2008 2.6
Seitenzahl 304 Seiten, Hardcover, sehr viele s/w Abbildungen
EAN 9783981334807
ISBN 978-3-9813348-0-7
Maße (Länge x Breite) 21.5 cm x 30 cm
Gewicht in g 1490 g
Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Harald Fietz, Josip Asik, Anna Burtasova
Herausgegeben 2009
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