Vlastimil Fiala, Capablancas Chess Career Capablanca in the United Kingdom 1911 - 1920

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Vlastimil Fiala, Capablancas Chess Career Capablanca in the United Kingdom 1911 - 1920
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José Raúl Capablanca was one of the strongest players in the world. The book describes the career of the Cuban master in the British Isles. 1911 he played twice in London and once in Birmingham.   1913 he pplayed two simultaneous matches at Chess Club of London and the Imerial Chess Club. His stay in the British Isles in the second half of 1919 and in January 1920  was an immense success. 

This bibliography is divided into five mainparts describing all Capablanca´s visits in the Unitd Kingdom. His stay at Hastings 1919 has a special chapter.    

This book is based on a detailed study of the British chess magazines Chess Amateur and British Chess Magazine and particular regular chess columns and daily reporting in British newspapers. With his research managed Fiala almost all of Capablanca´s activities during his particular period in great etail.

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Biographies of world chess champions and other foremost world players and the collections of their best games have always attracted the attention of specialists and chess lovers. As some of the recently finished or still proceeding projects have shown, writing a complex biography now is often beyond the power of an individual and beyond the book size acceptable for the publisher, in particular if the players were involved in chess for several tens of years.

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Bibliographische Angaben

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