Quality Chess: Esben Lund, The Secret Life of Bad Bishops

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Quality Chess: Esben Lund, The Secret Life of Bad Bishops
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The Bad Bishop is a notorious villain in chess, but often a perfectly respectable bishop is falsely accused.

The Secret Life of Bad Bishops takes an in-depth look at the bishop – not just dealing with good and bad bishops but also more nuanced cases where a “double-edged bishop” could turn out to be a game-winning hero or a fatal liability. All phases of chess are covered, from opening to middlegame to endgame. The final two chapters test the reader’s newly enhanced understanding with carefully chosen exercises and instructive solutions.

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Über den Autor:

Esben Lund, an International Master from Denmark, is a respected author and coach. His first book for Quality Chess, Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces, earned excellent reviews.

Vorwort des Verleger Jacob Aagaard:

I have known Esben for about twenty years. Back in 2001 we wrote a book together, Meeting 1.d4, for Everyman Chess. Unlike a lot of other authors, we actually sat in the same room as we wrote, sharing ideas and opinions.

The book was no runaway success, but it was decent and we learned a lot from the process. When I co-founded Quality Chess in 2004, Esben told me he had an idea for a book. I did not think twice before offering him a contract, even if the subject, Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces, was a bit technical and unlikely to sell lots of copies.

This was exactly how I wanted our new publishing house to be: willing to publish a less commercial book if we felt the content was interesting. We expected the book to find a limited audience, but many friends have told us that they loved it, finding it thought-provoking.

One admirer of the book is the Women’s World Champion, Hou Yifan, who revealed that she read it as part of her preparation for the 2013 World Championship match against Anna Ushenina, which she won 5½–1½.    Ushenina came well prepared, with top grandmasters to provide her with great openings. But Hou Yifan’s focus on the middlegame and endgame proved a sounder strategy.  

I think many people mistook Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces for an endgame book, when actually it had more material on the opening than the endgame, and overall it was mainly a middlegame book, should you have a deep desire to pin it down.   This book might suffer from the same misunderstanding, but at least we have tried to make the title a bit more interesting this time!

Ten years have passed and Esben has not only improved as a player, he has also matured (this lovely word that makes growing older into a positive thing) as a writer, as this book shows.

Quality Chess is happy to continue our mission of publishing interesting and challenging books, no matter how uncommercial their focus.  You might suspect that I am trying to put you off reading this book, but we both know that if you have read this far, you are likely to keep on reading; and you will be rewarded for that decision.

Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

Zustand NEU
Produktart Schachbuch
Seitenzahl 192 pages, softcover
EAN 9781906552190
ISBN 978-1-906552-19-0
Maße (Länge x Breite) Nein
Gewicht in g 335 g
Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Esben Lund,
Herausgegeben 2014
Verlag Quality Chess
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