Nikolay Kalinichenko, Vassily Ivanchuk, 100 Selected Games

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Nikolay Kalinichenko, Vassily Ivanchuk, 100 Selected Games

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Chuky, you’re a genius.’ Leading grandmasters have been heard to whisper these words, impressed with yet another brilliancy of the Ukrainian wizard.

Vassily Ivanchuk is one of the greatest players of modern time. He has finished first in all major tournaments in the world, at times with astonishing supremacy and always with deeply creative chess. He is adored by chess lovers, admired (and feared!) by fellow grandmasters.

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For this book, correspondence grandmaster and chess author Nikolay Kalinichenko has selected over 100 of Ivanchuk’s best and most instructive games, explaining his moves and plans for club players.
Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

Zustand NEU
Produktart Schachbuch
Seitenzahl 320 pages, softcover
EAN 9789056914271
ISBN 978-90-5691-427-1
Maße (Länge x Breite) Nein
Gewicht in g 597 g
Sprache Deutsch
Autor/en Nikolay Kalinichenko
Herausgegeben 2013
Verlag New In Chess
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