Simen Agdestein, How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster ... Story and Games

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Simen Agdestein, How Magnus Carlsen Became the Youngest Chess Grandmaster ... Story and Games

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Magnus Carlsen: mit 13 jüngster Großmeister der Welt - mit  22 zusammen mit Kasparov jüngster SchachWeltmeister 

At the age of 13 years Magnus Carlsen becamed the Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World.

The international press raved about the Norwegian prodigy.

The Washington Post' even called him ‘the Mozart of chess’. Ten years on Magnus Carlsen is the number one in the world rankings and a household name far beyond chess circles.

'Time Magazine' listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2013.

The fairy-tale-like story of Magnus Carlsen’s rise is told by Simen Agdestein, who trained Magnus in the years leading up to his grandmaster title, repeatedly pinching himself in amazement at his pupil’s lightning progress.

Agdestein explains the secrets of Magnus’ play in clear and instructive comments and tells about the Carlsen family life. The story of Magnus’ fabulous journey will fascinate parents and help gifted children to realize their full potential.

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Simen Agdestein is a most remarkable double talent. Not only did he win the Norwegian national chess championship six times, but he also used to be a highly gifted football player. He played for Lyn FC in Oslo and represented the Norwegian national soccer team on eight occasions.


Jeremy Silman, author of 'How to Reassess Your Chess':

"A wonderful instructive treatise on how to improve your game, step by step, by following Magnus' journey to the highest title."

Jan Timman, former World Chess Championship finalist: "Compelling tale, exciting chess."

Heinz Brunthaler, Rochade Europa Magazine: "From beginners’ errors to better and better achievements, the reader learns how a real chess prodigy develops, temporary setbacks and disappointments included ... One has to give great praise to the author for his honesty and empathy and for the unselfish way he tells the story.”

Herman Grooten, author of ‘Chess Strategy for Club Players’: "A splendid book, accessible for a big audience." Taylor Kingston, ChessCafe: "No doubt about it, the kid is good (..) Agdestein does a good job indicating how various moves and ideas show Carlsen’s growth as a player."

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Bibliographische Angaben

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