Rarität Quality Chess: experts vs. the sicilian - Erstausgabe 2004 -

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Rarität Quality Chess: experts vs. the sicilian - Erstausgabe 2004 -
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Die Sizilianische Verteidigung ist die beliebeste Eröffnung bei Turnierspielern und wird regelmäßig exerziert von Größen wie Kasparov, als er noch aktiv spielte, sowie von Anand, Kramnik, Peter Leko, Magnus Carlsen, Topalov und Shirov.

The Sicilian Defence is the most popuilar opening at all levels of  tournament play from Linares to the local club championship. The Sicilian is played regulary by Kasparov on his active time, as well as by Anand, Kramnik, Peter Leko, Magnus Carlsen, Topalov and Shirow.  

The idea making a book giving a theoretically viable repertoire against the Sicilian is of course borrowed directly from John Nunn's brilliant "Beating the Sicilian".

It is now 10 years since the last (third) edition was made, and therefore the effort by Aagaard and Shaw to take up this idea is most appropriate. And making different expert write a chapter each is simply a marvelous idea.

The players writing about the different Black systems are really experts in the sense that they have either long experience playing these (as Black!) or have written books about the subject. This adds considerably to the credibility of the analysis and evaluations. Obviously not all chapters are of equal value and quality.

A few authors seem to have taken their contribution less serious than the rest, but in general the level is very high, with a very up to date coverage (many 2004 games) and novel ideas as well.

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Der Inhalt (Seitenumfangangebe in Klammern)

The Najdorf by Thomas Luther (33 pages)

The Dragon by Mikhail Golubev (48 pages)

The Sveshnikov by Jacob Aagaard (21 pages)

The Classical Sicilian by Peter Wells (37 pages)

The Kan and Taimanov by Sune Berg Hansen (40 pages)

The Accelerated Dragon by Peter Heine Nielsen (11 pages)

The Scheveningen by Viktor Gavrikov (20 pages)

The Kalashnikov by Jan Pinski (9 pages)

The Four Knights by Alexander Raetsky (8 pages)

The Pin Variation by Jacob Aagaard (12 pages)

The Nimzowitsch Variation by Jacob Aagaard (16 pages)

Minor Lines by John Shaw (16 pages)

5th move alternatives by Jacob Aagaard (6 pages)

Neben der Wertsteigerung ist das Interessante an alten Schacheröffnungstiteln wie dieser Erstausgabe der Vergleich zu den aktuellen Ausgaben.  Der direkte Vergleich ermöglicht das Nachvollziehen der Eröffnungstheorie.  

Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

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Produktart Schachbuch
Seitenzahl 288 pages, softcover
EAN 9789197524339
ISBN 978-91-975243-3-9
Maße (Länge x Breite) Nein
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Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Jacob Aagaard, John Shaw
Herausgegeben 2004
Verlag Quality Chess
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