Viktor Moskalenko, Training with Moska

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Viktor Moskalenko, Training with Moska

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Viktor Moskalenko is one of the leading chess instructors of our time. Not only has he coached Masters and Grandmasters, including Ukrainian star Vassily Ivanchuk, he has also taught hundreds of classes for amateurs and his best-selling books have inspired thousands of ambitious club players all over the world.

Training with Moska is based on the best instructive material Moskalenko collected while working with amateurs for three decades. The book covers a wide variety of aspects of the game and the more than 500 instructive positions are accessible for players of different strengths. 

If you have an Elo rating between 1400 and 2100, this book will help you make a big step forward.

With his famous light touch and humour Moskalenko explains the themes and concepts of his training material. Subsequently, he presents a multitude of typical examples and exercises and rounds off with large exams to test your understanding.

As if you are attending one of his training sessions, your imagination and visualisation will improve, you will learn to recognize the intentions of your opponent, you will find out how to select between  options before you start to calculate, and much more. 

You will experience what thousands did before you: Training with Moska is not just very useful, it is a lot of fun as well!

Sehr schön die sechs Symbole für Trick | Puzzle | Weapon | Plan | Statistics und "Keep in Mind". 

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Viktor Moskalenko (1960) is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer.

The former Ukrainian champion has won many tournaments in Spain, his new home country.  He is the author of

The Fabulous Budapest Gambit 


Revolutionize Your Chess


The Wonderful Winawer


The Perfect Pirc-Modern


The Diamond Dutch


The Even More Flexible French


GM Karsten Müller, creator of the Chess Endgames DVD Series: "It is always fun to be instructed by Viktor Moskalenko as he has such a fresh and creative approach!"

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, ChessLife Magazine, on Revolutionize Your Chess: "Many useful ideas and helpful tips to become a better chess player."

GM Lubosh Kavalek, The Washington Post, on The Fabulous Budapest Gambit: "Well-structured and fun to read."

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Bibliographische Angaben

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