Chess College: Pawn Play

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Chess College: Pawn Play
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A step-by-step guide to chess excellence


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Chess College is a three-volume series that will take intermediate players to new levels of chess understanding. Efstratios Grivas, a grandmaster and highly experienced chess trainer, provides a wealth of instruction on many aspects of chess middlegames. the emphasis is on practical understanding:

whenever he introduces a new idea, Grivas immediately illustrates it with a number of entertaining and instructive examples. Most of these games are fresh examples drawn from his own practice, which has the great benefit that he can explain with authority what was going on over the board.

Volume 2: Pawn Play discusses aspects of pawn play that are central to successful chess:

  • Passed Pawns
  • Isolated Pawns
  • Doubled Pawns
  • Backward Pawns
  • Hanging Pawns
  • Pawn-Majorities
  • Pawn-Minorities
  • Central Strikes


Grandmater Efstratios Grivas lives in Athens and is also an International Arbiter and Organizer. He has represented his country on a great many occasions, winning an individual gold medal at the 1989 European Team Championship and an individual silver medal at the 1998 Olympiad. He is a FIDE Senior Trainer, a Greek federal trainer and an experienced writer.

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Bibliographische Angaben

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