Alexander Alekhine’s Chess Games, 1902–1946

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Alexander Alekhine’s Chess Games, 1902–1946
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Foreword by Alex A. Aljechin

Award Winner Historical Book of the Year - United States Chess Federation.  Finalist, Book of the Year - British Chess Federation

This is by a large degree the most comprehensive accounting of the games of this brilliant chess player.

Presented are 2,543 of Alekhine’s games, in an exhaustive catalog that is the result of many years of digging: an effort unparalleled in the history of chess game collections.

Many of the games are annotated by Alekhine and 1,868 diagrams appear overall. The book includes games from his earliest correspondence tournaments in 1902 through his final match with Francisco Lupi at Estoril, Portugal, in January 1946.

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About the Authors

Leonard M. Skinner is a marine scientist who lives in South Glamorgan, Wales. Robert G.P. Verhoeven lives in Den Haag, Niederlande, and was formerly a librarian in the chess department of the Royal Dutch Library.

 Alexande Alexandrowitsch Aljechin

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"the most substantial historical publishing event of the decade...lavishly-bound McFarland epic...wonderful"--British Chess Magazine

"Alekhine’s career has been thoroughly documented...this magnificently produced book is essential for anyone seriously interested in chess history"--Chess Mail

"extensively researched...massive...raised the bar for single-player collections and biographies by several orders of magnitude...impressive"

sources for each game...the authors succeeded in writing a splendid Alekhine Career Record which will be an excellent guideline for further research on Alekhine’s chess...the book will satisfy every demanding reader"--Quarterly for Chess History

"a feast of information...a huge number of games, many well annotated by the incredible number of complete crosstables and charts...outstanding...thoroughly researched, well written and handsomely produced...full of content...highly recommended"--Blitz Chess

"staggering"--Chess Life;

"this book is very well researched and it is the most comprehensive and detailed book about Alekhine so far...highly recommended...a magnificent piece of work"--Seagaard Chess Reviews; "the best-researched and most detailed work"--The Washington Post

"this weighty tome is worth every penny...truly valuable...unparalleled collection of games"--Chess Moves

"the most comprehensive accounting of the games of this brilliant chess player ever published...a labor of love...recommended"--Check

"impressive...highly recommended"--John Elburg (;

"outstanding"--The Hull Chess Club Magazine

"research like never before!"--Chess Digest; "unique...incredible"--Winnipeg Free Press

"recommended...not to be missed by any Alekhine-researcher"--Chess Base Magazine

"the best book on one of the greatest players of all"--The Sunday Express, London.

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Bibliographische Angaben

Bibliographische Angaben

Produktart chess biography
Seitenzahl 824 pages, library binding. 1,868 diagrams, references, bibliography, indexes
EAN 9780786401178
ISBN 978-0-7864-0117-8
Maße (Länge x Breite) Nein
Gewicht in g 1200 g ca.
Sprache Englisch
Autor/en Leonard M. Skinner and Robert G.P. Verhoeven. Foreword by Alex A. Aljechin
Herausgegeben 1998
Verlag McFarland, USA
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