Dynamics of Chess Strategy

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Dynamics of Chess Strategy
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This book offers players a fresh approach to opening play, which should not depend merely on memorizing theory or exact calculation of variations but rather on the ability to read each ever-changing situation on the board intelligently, draw the right conclusions and so find an appropriate move on the board. The author has selected three popular openings-the Ruy Lopez, grünfeld and Scheveningen Sicilian-as his principal ‘training ground’ to exercise the reader’s powers of deductions.

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By frequently stopping at critical moments to ask pertinent questions, the author encourages the reader to be self-reliant when analyzing specific positions. IN this way the reader will learn the art of effective thinking at the chessboard, particularly in the opening stages. In this lies the essence of the ‘dynamics of chess strategy’. This awareness enables players to put together a large number of tiny details and peculiarities of specific openings to create an integrated concept of a suitable future plan of play. And in this lies the road to mastery.
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Bibliographische Angaben

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