Philip Sergeant, Morphy's Games of Chess

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Philip Sergeant, Morphy's Games of Chess
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Do you often lose at chess simply because you are not aggressive enough?

You can put boldness into your chess game by following the brilliant moves of Paul Morphy, who has been called the greatest chess player of all time.

This volume contains 300 of Morphy's best games, carefully annotated by Philip W. Sergeant.   While Morphy wrote no books on chess theory and seldom expounded his methods in public, his theories are clearly demonstrated in the games in this volume.

You can systematically improve your own game, you can add brilliance to your play by following the technique of quick, forceful development and opening of lines developed by the great 19th-century World Champion.

In a new introduction, Fred Reinfeld, well-known American chess authority, states: "By emphasizing the role of systematic, aggressive development, Morphy helped to mold chess into an art form and into the highest phase of intellectual struggle."

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Included in this completely unabridged volume are 54 classic games against such masters as Anderssen, Harrwitz, Mongredien, Bird, Paulsen, and others.

There are also 52 games at odds, 52 blindfold games, plus more than 100 others.

These games, with explanatory text, offer a great champion's interpretation of such standard chess openings as the Dutch Defense, Evans Gambit, Giuoco Piano, and Ruy Lopez.

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Autor/en Philip Sergeant
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